Excursion to Eimblat de Ribn

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Eimblat de Ribn

HALF-WAY:: Refuge Eimblat de Ribm
DURATION OF TRIP:  2 hrs from Lateis
ALTITUDE :  partenza 1.212 mt. – arrivo 1.441 mt.
Monte Olbe from “Miro”

This excursion is one of the classics for those who love Sauris. The tour of Monte Olbe takes place and then we stop for lunch at ‘’Miro’s’’ who runs the legendary Refuge Eimblat de Ribn.

Here at Riglarhaus we often organise the excursions so that you are accompanied, please ask for further details.


Leaving from Lateis, a beautiful hike for about 2 hours takes place around Mount Olbe to reach the Eimblat de Ribn Refuge. We start from Riglarhaus of Lateis going up to Forcella Frumeibn in about 20 mins. We then take path 4C which becomes 4D, at the intersection we take path on the left, 3A, to reach the refuge. The most beautiful path is on the return, 2C, that takes us back directly to the Hotel Riglarhaus.

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