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General Conditions

There are general conditions that apply to all offers published on the Riglarhaus / shop website. Any exceptions are communicated within the offer itself.

  • Unless it is otherwise stated in the conditions of the individual promotions, you can buy an unlimited number of offers
  • Offers are to be used only once, unless it is other stated in promotions including several days.
  • Offers that include multi-services are not transferable and cannot be shared with third parties
  • When it is not expressly indicated, menu includes: starter, first course of 4 choices, second course of 4 choices, side dish, dessert, spring water.
  • All reservations are subject to availability. The possibility of obtaining the service on the day and time desired is not guaranteed.
  • Offers can also be purchased on the same day. To confirm the availability of the services, it is necessary to contact Riglarhaus tel. +39.0433.86049, or email:
  • Offers purchased are not redeemable for cash.


  • Purchase of vouchers for products and services at Riglarhaus-Shop: The Customer has the right to cancel within 14 days from the day of confirmation of the online purchase. Furthermore, if the customer would like to cancel the purchase of goods, they are within their rights to do so as stated by the Customers consumer code, art. 129.

For further details or information, contact Hotel Riglarhaus Riglarhaus tel.+39.0433.86049, email